Galactic Postman

Zip across star systems and galaxies using your puzzle-solving skills to find the shortest routes to each planet.

Discover an entirely new and addicting type of puzzle game! Galactic Postman is an easy-to-learn puzzler where the goal is to find the shortest path to visit each planet in a star system. With a Puzzle Adventure containing hundreds of hand-picked puzzles, an Arcade Mode to compete for high score on the leaderboard, and a Puzzle Editor for making your own puzzles, this game provides endless fun for players of any age!

Based on one of the most classic optimization problems in computer science, The Traveling Salesman Problem, this game gives it a twist by adding asteroids, deliveries, groups, and orders to make the puzzles more challenging and fun! These puzzles will test a unique combination of your deduction skills, spatial mapping abilities, and speed.


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Galactic Postman is a puzzle game where the goal is to visit each planet in the shortest distance possible.

There are two modes of play:

  • "Puzzle Adventure" sends you zipping across the universe solving hand-picked puzzles of increasing difficulty.

  • "Arcade Mode" lets you go for high score by testing your speed and accuracy.

    Additionally, purchasing the full version of the game gives you access to the "Puzzle Editor" for unlimited practice and designing your own puzzles.

    === PUZZLE BASICS ===

    A puzzle consists of planets and obstacles, plus restrictions that increase difficulty.

    To solve a puzzle, touch or swipe each planet in the order you think makes the shortest path.

    Objects like asteroid fields will block paths between planets so you will need to find a way around.

    A score of 90% or better will get you to the next level.

    === ORDERS ===

    Orders are planets that already have a number on them, and they must be visited in that order in the sequence.

    For example, if a planet has a number "4" on it, it must be visited fourth in the sequence.

    Puzzles can have multiple Orders and they can appear anywhere in the sequence.

    === GROUPS ===

    Groups are planets with similar colored borders that all must be visited together in sequence.

    For example, if three planets each have a red halo border around them, they must be visited each together sequentially.

    A Group can be completed at the start, middle, or end of the sequence.

    Puzzles can have multiple groups of different colors, and each Group is treated as separate.

    === DELIVERIES ===

    Deliveries require that a package is picked up at one planet (solid color cube) and delivered to other planets in need of that package (hollow cube of matching color).

    For example, there are three planets with orange cubes on them. One of them is a solid orange cube and the other two are hollow orange cubes. The planet with the solid cube must be visited first before visiting the other two hollow cubes.

    Deliveries can be made in any order in the sequence and do not have to be done together as a group, so long as the solid cube of the appropriate color is picked up first.

    Puzzles can have multiple sets of Deliveries with different colors and each are treated separately. However, one set of Deliveries need not be finished before starting another set of Deliveries; they can be done in any mixed order so long as the appropriate solid colored cube is picked up first.


    Puzzle Adventure consists of collections of hand-picked puzzles that will get more difficult as you progress.

    Each galaxy consists of 20 puzzles to solve in order to unlock the next galaxy. Get a score of 90% of better to clear each puzzle. To get the maximum 4-star rating for a puzzle, a near perfect solution must be achieved.

    Each time a puzzle is restarted, it may be rotated at random to make it more challenging.

    New sets of puzzles may be added on future game updates.

    === ARCADE MODE ===

    Arcade Mode lets you test your skills against the clock and against other players. Go for high score by solving puzzles as fast and accurately as possible.

    Scoring is based on three factors:

    * Time Bonus: Finish before the timer runs out for up to a 10x bonus multiplier.

    * Accuracy Bonus: Score more points by getting close to the best solution. A perfect solution will get you an extra 2x bonus multiplier.

    * Difficulty Bonus: Each level you progress scores more points.

    Puzzles will get more difficult as you progress. Game ends when a solution fails with a score of less than 90%.

    See your standing against other players on the Arcade Leaderboard!

    === PUZZLE EDITOR ===

    Purchasing the full game gives you access to the Puzzle Editor!

    Practice with randomly generated puzzles or design your own.

    After selecting the initial puzzle configuration, edit the puzzle by clicking the "Edit" button. Use the edit buttons to move objects and change Orders, Groups and Deliveries on any planet.

    Click "Done" after editing the puzzle and wait for the best solution to be calculate (this may take a few seconds).

    If you design an interesting puzzle, click the "Submit" button and we may use your puzzle in a future Puzzle Adventure galaxy!

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