Fit The Word

Fit words into sentences and solve other player's Sentence + Word combo puzzles!

Fit The Word is an easy-to-learn and challenging word game for player's of all ages. Using deduction and creativity, player's do two different activities: Create Word+Sentence Combos and Solve Combo Puzzles! As word cards become more limited during the game, you must think deeper and deeper to understand what other players mean.

This computer game is based on the fantastic board game 'Fit The Word', created by Corné van Moorsel.


Choose a platform to play on:


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In this game, you do two activities:

1) Make Word+Sentence Combos
2) Solve Combo Puzzles


* Make the most obvious Word+Sentence combo that you think most people would guess.
* Each round you have less words to choose from so making sensible combos will be trickier.
* Your combos are randomly used in puzzles for other players around the world!


* Figure out which words go with which sentences.
* Puzzles are created from random combos submitted by other players from around the world!
* Each puzzle has a hand-size indicator as a clue to how obvious or abstract the Word+Sentence Combos might be.
* Statistics on the combos give further clues to help solve the puzzle.


* Doing well in both Combo-making and Puzzle-solving gets you a higher score on the leaderboard!
* Compete for highest ratings AND longest Perfect Puzzle Streak!

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