Factory Funner

Build the most profitable factory by cleverly connecting machine inputs and outputs using your puzzle-solving skills!

Factory Funner is an easy-to-learn and challenging puzzle game where you try to connect as many machines as you can onto a factory floor. Compete for high score on the leaderboards and play against other players in Match Play!

This online game is based on the popular boardgames "Factory Fun" and "Factory Funner", created by Corné Van Moorsel.


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Factory Fun is an easy-to-learn and challenging puzzle game. Each round, try to hook up a new machine into your factory, like this:

In this example, the green and orange supply tanks feed the machine inputs. White reservoirs store any colored machine output product.

Use pipes to split and merge similar colored product. To place pipes, click and drag from one side of a tile to another side. Click a part to move and rotate it.

In this example, a two volume blue output is split to feed two machines that each need one blue input. The orange outputs are merged to feed a machine that has a minimum two orange input.

To get bonus points, feed machine output into another machine input of the same color for +3 points per input volume:

In this example, a three volume orange output is split into two pipes feeding two different machine inputs for +9 bonus points.

Supply tanks can supply an infinite amount of product to many machines, but there is only one supply tank of each color.

Only product of the same color can occupy the same pipe. Machine output cannot share pipe with supply tanks.

White reservoirs can store the output of one or more machines of the same colored product type, except black.

A black reservoir can only store the output of one machine producing a final black product. No machines have a black product input.

A machine cannot feed itself, even through other machines. So, circular loops are not allowed.


In this example, the output of any of these machines can be traced back to their inputs, so it is circular.

When a new machine is connected, press the "Check Factory" button to check that everything works. Fix all connection problems or skip the new machine to continue.

In this example, there is part of a pipe that is unconnected, so this is invalid. All parts must be properly connected to have a valid factory.

* Costs: Placing new parts cost $1K each. Moving or rotating an old part costs $1K. Removing a part is free.

* Income: The white circle on a machine shows the cash given upfront to help pay for costs to connect the machine.

* Your final score is remaining cash plus machine connection bonuses.


* New pieces can be moved and rotated for free while testing out their placement.

* Bonuses for connecting machines to other machines is very important for getting a high score!

* Left-click and long press a pipe tile to highlight individual pipes for removal.

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